Bill & Sue Reaves
Working with Steve has been everything and more than we expected for our website development. We have been looking for just the right source for our website and we have definitely found it in Steve. Giving our situation over to Steve has been the best thing we could have done for our business. The ease of the website development was surprising and we are extremely pleased with the look and possibilities for our site.

We are thankful for his expertise and look forward to all the good things to come from working with Steve to develop our site. We have been so impressed with the quick responses and the time taken to get everything done right! Thank you Steve for all your patience and assistance!

Brian Meiste / President, Brian Meiste Builders Inc.
Working with Steve Nyhof over the past few years has proven to be an invaluable resource that has grown our business. The direct access Plan Center has increased our productivity by leaps and bounds. What used to take us hours of running around now is just a click away.

Our customers appreciate the fast turn-around time with plan development and we appreciate the ease of use. I can’t imagine running my business any other way. Thank you Steve for all you and your team has done for us!

Richard Flowers / IBest Homes LLC
Steve has been God sent, I had looked for a web hosting and developer for a long time. Steve gives the most I have seen for the price. All the other Companies I considered were expensive and did not offer the features that Steve offered. I love my new site and I am proud to show it to my clients.

It was a pleasure working with Steve to come up with a design for my website. His service is great, and he responded to all my emails and even called on the phone. The thing I like most is I now have a fully functional website with personal touches that represent my Company, and all I did was send Steve a few pictures and my logo.

Pia Powell / ProLine Construction, Inc.
I had been looking to put together a website for some time using various online web building tools. I spent a lot of time experimenting with four of them, but none looked professional enough. Then I came across Steve Nyhof.

I spoke with Steve about our company and website/advertising needs, emailed him pictures of our projects, and within a few days had an extremely professional looking site. All I had to do was upload pictures of our projects and everything else including content was in place! Response to questions are immediate. Steve’s services are superb! Thank you.

Mark Pruim, Ledger Builders
Dear Steve, Craig and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your work and more specifically your forward thinking and innovations that go above and beyond home design. In our market, survival is a continual battle and involves the ability to be creative and proactive in finding better ways to do things.

Builders and subcontractors alike must find ways to increase speed and efficiency for themselves and each other without comprising quality and detail.

As a subcontractor, your company has excelled at using the component of drawing house plans as a platform to create a truly innovative web based business.

The software gives builders and developers an avenue to create, showcase, and maintain their own websites and marketing to fit their particular market niche. This is a complete and comprehensive system that normally would involve much more time, money, and coordination. Congratulations on your success!

Amanda Shade / Owner, upStaged Inc.
It is with Special Thanks that upStaged would like to thank Steve Nyhof  for our website design!

From start to finish, Steve worked one on one in site planning, design, ideas, questions we had and overall patience with us during the birth of our website.

Steve’s professionalism and creativity are unmatched (as far as we are concerned) by web designers today. He personally designed our banner, walked us through one on one – with installing our information, provided online training material, the site was very user friendly, and not to mention his own around the clock customer services.

Without Steve, our moving forward to the world wide web, and the professional manor in which it is displayed would not be possible today.

Thank you so much Steve for all your hard work and dedication. You truly are a master in your field.

Catherine Klas / Klas Homes, Inc.
Steve Nyhof and his designs was exactly what I was looking for in a website. I wanted a site that I could control, one that I could adjust, change, add to, as often as I needed.

Home Building is a fast paced business with constant change. For my website to work for me, I need the ability to change my site just as quickly. But the costs associated with changing my old website prohibited me from making changes but once or twice a year, and then I found it never quite looked the way I wanted. And several times, the information was obsolete by the time the designer had it updated.

Now that I have a website with Steve Nyhof Enterprises, I can make changes daily if I want. And it only takes a few minutes to update. Sure, anyone can create their own website from scratch. But who really has the time, or interest to learn everything they would need to know to accomplish that. With Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc I only had to learn just the amount I needed to be able to fill in my own content. It couldn’t have been easier. And with the tutorials, I was on my way in no time.

When I came across a section that I didn’t fully understand, I would email my question to Steve, or pick up the phone and talk to technical assistance. My emails were usually answered within the hour, and my calls were either answered immediately, or returned within minutes.

I now have a web site that has the ability to compete with the big guys for only a fraction of the cost. My site navigates quickly from page to page, so my potential customers can see it all within the minute or two that I have their attention.

Home Building is a tough business, and I’m always looking for ways to do it better, do it smarter and do it for less money. The systems and hosting services by Steve Nyhof Enterprises has made it possible to let me do just that with my website.

Yours truly,

Beccia Family Homes, LLC
During the construction of our new website, Steve was open to the ideas of our Beccia Family Homes staff, as well as offering his own suggestions. When it came time to make changes to better fit the needs for Beccia Family Homes, Steve was prompt and efficient.

We never had a problem getting in contact with Steve to go over the website. He was always willing to take the time to educate the Beccia Family Homes staff to make changes ourselves. Beccia Family Homes is pleased with the one-on-one attention we received and are continuing to educate ourselves to make our website the best.

Thank you,

Aaron Sullivan / Titan Homes LLC
Dear Steve, Usually I’m a little reluctant to take the time to write a testimonial, but I have to say that this is the easiest testimonial I’ve ever written. Having gone through the website creation process before, I was not looking forward to doing it again. The last website looked unprofessional, was incomplete, and the person designing it was difficult to get a hold of, and it was even more difficult to convey what I wanted in my website.

Not only was my site designed extremely fast, it looks very professional and the kicker is, being a small homebuilder, I can offer more plans and options, just like the big boys. My prospective customers can search through your large database of plans that is on my website, if they see something they like, I can easily print, email and bid it out for them. What a great service I can now offer! Also, you don’t lock me into just using your plans, so I don’t have to worry about that.

The service that you offer to builders is worth far and way more than what you’re charging and I would have to say it’s the best money I’ve invested in my company since I applied for my business license. Actually, all I got with my business license was a piece of paper. With my new website, I have a great and powerful marketing tool that I can use to help draw customers in. I’ve found that if you give your customer an interactive role in the construction of their home, they’re much more likely to love the results, thus earning you a great reputation as a quality home builder.

Please feel free to have anyone reach me for a testimonial. I don’t usually like my email address given out, but feel free to have prospective clients reach me so that I can assure them that they found the right person and the right company for the job. Sincerely,

Elliott Hansen / Hansen Builders, Inc.
Dear Steve, I wanted to write and thank you for the recent update of our company web site. It is really beautiful. I had friends over from Oregon and showed them the web site, they gave it a top rating. My nephew, (who is one of the top agents for Adidas and works with web sites) said it was one of the best sites he had ever seen.

You have a real talent in how you mixed our company colors along with such professional design into your creations – we are very pleased!

I am also writing to tell you that we have found that the new editing interface is really easy to use, especially with the help of the tutorials you made. However, I have a question about linking an image to another page on my site. Please give me a call when you get a chance.

Thank you again for all your help.

David Bonselaar / Personal Wedding Services
Hi Steve, Thanks Again! I love it. I grew up with the concept that customer is king, and I felt as though I was the only one who believed in such a value today. I was desperate for an easy to use and navigate web site builder that I could use to build a professional looking website. Not knowing anything about web site construction, I found Steve’s service to be remarkably easy, simple and suited to my needs. Steve was always quick with a response to my specific needs and helped me produce a site that communicates a professional presence. His response to my needs certainly reflects his professional demeanor as well as his focus on customer service.

When I hear of someone needing a professional web site, I will not hesitate to recommend Steve and his services.

Dallas Scholten / Legacy Hardwoods, llc.
Steve: Very nice work, I’m lovin it! The random pictures make the page rich with color. The whole thing is fresh; it does not have the cookie cutter feel. I like the way the information is presented without feeling too busy. This is what I was looking for – rich and classy not busy and flashy. Well done.


Jonathan R Negley / VP/Manager - East Lake Homes Ltd.
Steve, I just wanted to write and say thanks for the great web site services you offer. Our site is up and running and looks great. Your editor is simple to use considering how much you can do with it.

The home listings page is great. The picture transitions are very professional and entering and deleting listings couldn’t be much easier.

You have done a great job putting together a web site package that is targeted specifically for builders and other real estate businesses.

Lastly and most importantly, thank you for your quick responses to questions and the reasonable prices for the design work your company did for our site. Your packages are a great value!!

Lisa Rettler / McCluskey Painting & Decorating LLC
Hi Steve, I just want to say thank you for all the help in setting up our website. I wish I had called you a long time ago! It was nice to have someone show me how to set things up without making me feel dumb. Thanks for always calling or e-mailing me right back when I’ve needed help. The site looks great and I know you’ll be there to make any adjustments when we need them. Another nice thing is, it didn’t cost nearly as much as I had expected. It was worth it to have someone who knows what they’re doing guide me through.

Thanks again,

President; Mike Baumann / Baumann Builders, Inc.
Steve, I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all your support and help in making our web site stand out above the competition. We are very impressed with how you have integrated your design services with a number of systems you attached to our web site. We continue to get compliments from our customers on how smooth our planning process is for them, and the web site has helped by giving our customers the ability to view and print their plans from their home and office.

The Plan Center has saved our company thousands of dollars in printing costs alone, not to mention all the time not having to run around, mail out blueprints and make phone calls. Getting bids from our sub contractors is a matter of a few clicks, and any last minute plan updates are immediately emailed, saving us time and costly mistakes.

A majority of our new build jobs are coming from the plan library as you know. I want to thank you for providing such an amazing resource that our prospects can search from. I also love that you guys can change and modify all of your house plans, and you do it so quickly.

We’re very excited about the new Task Manager you’re developing, and will be implementing it into our schedule as soon as it’s available.

Thank you for putting so much thought into helping us sell more homes.

Jeff Keenan Painting
Steve Nyhof is quite a unique man. I say this for a couple of reasons. One is he designed some of the most beautiful fireplaces, mantels, benches and custom bunk beds that I have ever seen, not to mention all the wainscoting.

The other reason he is unique is that he trusted me to paint these beautiful houses with outstanding interiors without really knowing much about me. I had always hoped to paint houses like these someday, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the chance. Well, Steve gave me the chance. I have always considered myself a perfectionist, and these two homes especially allowed me to test every bit of my painting knowledge.

When everything was finished the homes looked very nice. In a sense all I did was apply color to Steve’s works of art, nonetheless, I appreciated the chance to work on these homes.

Just one more thing about Steve, when the slow time of the year hit for painters, Steve took the time to develop a web site for me to help me find some work. I was very impressed with the time and effort he put into that web site. I don’t know if anyone else would have done something like that. That alone says what kind of person Steve Nyhof is.

I’m very thankful to have worked for someone like Steve. Sincerely Yours,