At Kent’s Design, our philosophy comes from many years of communicating with and understanding the real desires of what business owners are looking for.

I have conversations now and then with others in this industry and find that all of them are stuck in the mindset that customers are looking for a custom website that uniquely represents their business and needs. Wow you say, sounds like what I am looking for. How is Kent’s Design different and more enticing than that?

Glad you asked…

I have known this as a secret, and so for years I have been publicly quiet for fear that others would use this for themselves. But I have learned that others just don’t get it, because they are not REALLY listening to what the client is requesting.

It is really very simple, and can be asked in a single question…

If you could get a website that uniquely represents your business for a fraction of the cost, would you be interested? Yes, is the only answer I have ever received to this question.

So how do we do it? Well now, that is a secret only our clients are privileged to know!  

Steve Nyhof

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While this may not be a fair representation of similar websites, the point is still clear. You can look at good or better than your competition for a fraction of the cost with Kent’s Design.


Steve Nyhof

Steve Nyhof

Steve Nyhof has been designing and developing websites and software to automate business systems for years, beginning with his own Home Design and Construction companies.


Jordan Nyhof

Jordan Nyhof starting playing with computers sense he was two years old. Jordan has a love for electronics, music and photography among other things related to the Internet.



Before the Internet, Steve learned how to program various languages within CAD, MS Access and Basic among other software like photoshop and flash based software tools – later .php and MySQL. As a business owner with an understanding in programming and database’s, Steve continued to developer systems that ran his Home Design and Construction businesses.

When the economy fell in 2008, Steve turned all of his attention to the Internet of which he already felt right at home having already spent about nine years building websites for himself and the local construction community. Over the next several years Steve developed several Content Management Systems (CMS) making it easier than ever to get marketers and other business owners on the web.

After partnering with others over the last five years, Steve is again taking charge within his own business to help small businesses get on the Internet the right way the first time. As time permits, Steve is again working on the next CMS that will continue to keep Steve at the forefront of continual changes being made on the Internet and the demands required of his clients who also need to keep up with the changes demanded on them.

If there was one thing Steve learned over the last five years in various businesses and partnerships, was that service is the number one reason businesses fail. Steve said he watched young ambitious business owners with egos so big they could move mountains – but keeping their clients happy was something they just could not manage.

Steve is happy once again to be back in the drivers seat where he can fulfill a business model that is tried and tested by years of experience and happy customers. Steve said, it feels like being home again, and the truth is – he is!


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